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Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

Community Council

To get involved please reach out to any member of the Council.   Currently we have several positions open:

  • Sales Administration Lead - This position will lead the sales for the community/shrimp festival memorabilia.  Will include training, scheduling, inventory oversight and other duties necessary.  Please email 
  • Shrimp Scamper Chairperson - This event will take place in October this year.  Our chairperson for 2018 will be relocating so here is an opportunity to partner with the current chairperson and support the 2018 Scamper while preparing to kick of the 2019.  If interested please contact
  • Volunteers - The team is always happy to have volunteers to help with events, communications and fun.  If you would like to get involved please contact any member of the council or call 910-327-3335.   We will be happy to match opportunities to the skills you can bring, and are always open to ideas and suggestions to benefit our community.
  • Volunteers for Shrimp Festival are needed please go to and complete a volunteer form.